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YOUR DNS BOARD OF DIRECTORS UPDATE Board approves government relations and advocacy framework By KIM BOTTOMLEY Staff writer T he Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) Board of Directors met on Jan. 26. CMA 2020 Canadian Medical Association President Dr. Laurent Marcoux, along with his colleagues Olivier Saintonge, strategic advisor for PTMA and stakeholder partner- ships, and Dr. Jeff Blackmer, vice-president of medical profes- sionalism, presented the CMA’s new strategic plan: CMA 2020: Aiming for new heights. The CMA welcomes sug- gestions from Nova Scotia’s physicians on how they can achieve their vision and make a difference for physicians and their patients. Dr. Gus Grant talks defined licences Over the past 12 months, DNS members have asked the associ- ation to seek clarity on defined licences. Dr. Gus Grant, reg- istrar and CEO of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia (CPSNS), joined the meeting and answered the following questions. How have the rules around defined licences changed? Previously, defined licensure was highly discretionary, relying on the registrar to judge appli- cations. Now, defined licensure is much more closely dictated by the Medical Act. Under the new act, a defined licence issued after 2015 is limited to a maxi- mum of 60 months. The new act provides a consistent path to full licensure. Sponsorship/ supervision is required for the duration of the defined licence agreement. How do Nova Scotia’s requirements for foreign credential recognition com- pare to other jurisdictions in Canada? There have been suggestions that Nova Scotia may be more restrictive than other jurisdic- tions, putting Nova Scotia at a recruitment disadvantage. However, according to a review of provincial licensing standards recently conducted by the CPSNS, virtually all provinces adhere to the same pan-Canadian standards. Time- limited provincial licensure is the norm (three to six years). Nova Scotia’s approach to the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada requirement is comparatively liberal. One or two provinces, such as New Brunswick, rely heavily on discretionary licensure, but they are outliers. DNS advocacy framework Doctors Nova Scotia has developed an advocacy and lob- bying framework to guide the association’s interactions, tone and approach with stakehold- ers. The Board reviewed the framework, which included key principles, objectives and goals to help DNS prioritize and respond to issues. Negotiations preparation The current Master Agreement and Master Clinical/Academic Funding Plan contracts expire on March 31, 2019. The Board reviewed DNS’s proposed approach to preparing for the next round of negotiations, and provided input on issues, objectives, the composition of the negotiations team and how to collect physician input prior to negotiations. The discussion will continue in March. Healing Nova Scotia update In January, DNS invited key stakeholders to join the Health System Physician Coordination Council (HSPCC) and the Primary Care Payment Model Working Group. Government representatives have indicated that they would like to par- ticipate. The Board approved Dr. André Bernard, Chair, Dr. Manoj Vohra, President, and Dr. Cindy Forbes to represent DNS on the HSPCC. Late in 2017, the NSHA created a collaborative retention and recruitment working group that aligns with a recommenda- tion in the association’s Healing Nova Scotia report. Dr. Michelle Dow, Past-President, and Ms. Nancy MacCready-Williams, CEO, will represent DNS. EMRs for facility-based clinicians In March 2015, the DHW drafted a policy to ban further expansion of independent elec- tronic medical records (EMRs) in hospitals. The association has serious concerns about the NSHA’s intention to ban future EMR implementations for facility-based physicians in all zones. The Board asked DNS staff to continue to work with the health authority and physicians to influence the next iteration of the policy so that facility- based specialists are able to acquire and use EMRs. Read eting me the full ry at summa om > rsNS.c docto of s > Board About u > Board rs Directo tes upda March 2018 | doctorsNS 9