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STATistics Taking the pulse of Nova Scotia’s physicians YEARS IN PRACTICE Graduated from medical school 1990, family physi- cian since 1998 HOMETOWN Granville Ferry, N.S. Introduce yourself! To take the STATistics survey, email: melissa.murray@ Simon Bonnington My favourite place: On stage at King’s Theatre, Annapolis Royal. Or behind the stumps for Annapolis County Cricket Club, taking a smart catch down leg-side. Least favourite? Sitting in a meeting that should have been an email. I feel healthy when: I am least in pain. I have psoriatic arthropathy. My favourite book: The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey No one knows that I: Yeah, right, so now every- one will know. Nice try. My favourite movie: Ice Cold in Alex Proudest moment in my career: Making a Thomas splint from scrap metal in Zambia (http://www. Bonnington_Journal_Zambia.pdf – see page 21) Best adventure I’ve been on: Trying to get to the Guggenheim Bilbao, having missed the flight…. 30 March 2018 | doctorsNS My favourite flavour of ice cream: Vanilla. Sorry, there are OTHER flavours?? SPECIALTY Family medicine My biggest regret: Not being able to split myself into the multiple personalities that life often seems to demand. If I weren’t a doctor, I would be: A very badly paid actor. Or a fatalistic philosophy major. What I’m reading now: The script of Don’t Dress for Dinner, wherein I play “Robert” – performanc- es at King’s Theatre April 27 to 29 – don’t miss it!