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Doctors encourage you to take advantage of Nova Scotia's free immunization program and get vaccinated

Free for all Nova Scotians

Flu shots are free again in 2017-18 and are advised for all Nova Scotians six months of age or older.

Every year in Canada, complications from influenza cause more than 2,500 people to be admitted to hospital; more than 400 people die. Immunization is the most effective way to protect yourself, your family and your community from the flu.

Doctors encourage you to take advantage of this year’s immunization program. Get vaccinated!

Pregnant women

Flu vaccination is recommended for pregnant women.

Expectant mothers who contract flu are at increased risk for hospitalization or death due to complications from the flu, and are also at higher risk for premature labour and delivery.

Vaccinated women are less likely to have babies that are premature, small for gestational age or suffering from low birth weight.

Newborns whose mothers were vaccinated while pregnant benefit from increased protection against flu and influenza-like infections in the first six months of life (infants cannot be vaccinated against flu until they are six months old).

Learn more by visiting the Department of Health and Wellness website.