Your Doctors

Your Doctors. Your Stories

“Your Doctors. Your Stories.” campaign showcases the many talented physicians in Nova Scotia.

The "Your Doctors. Your Stories" campaign encourages Nova Scotians to share their experiences and talk about the positive impact physicians have had on their lives. Every day, in communities across Nova Scotia, doctors make a positive difference in the lives of their patients. Each day, Nova Scotia’s doctors perform more than 28,000 services for patients.

Meet Nova Scotia’s doctors

Nova Scotia is home to a talented and progressive group of medical professionals who perform leading-edge research, provide outstanding care and develop innovative programs to improve the health of community members in all corners of the province.

Beyond providing exceptional patient care, Nova Scotia physicians are leaders in health system change. Physicians have a unique understanding of health care and play a leading role in advocating for the best care for their patients.
Meet some of Nova Scotia’s doctors and learn about the good work they’re doing in communities across Nova Scotia.