Your Doctors

Doctors' Day

On May 1, recognize our dedicated physicians for putting patients first.

Doctors' Day is a day to celebrate the extraordinary work of doctors in Nova Scotia and their unwavering commitment to high-quality patient care.

Nova Scotia’s physicians work tirelessly to improve the health of patients across the province. In addition to delivering care, our doctors are leading health-care transformation to improve patient care and to ensure the system is evolving to meet the current and future needs of all users, doctors and patients alike.

Each day, Nova Scotia’s physicians perform more than 28,000 services for patients. From primary care to specialist care, your doctors are committed to helping you live a long and healthy life. On May 1, we say “Thanks, Doc!”

Doctors’ Day is proudly sponsored by MD Financial Management. Owned by the Canadian Medical Association, the company understands how tirelessly Canadian physicians work to improve the health of patients in Nova Scotia and across the country. Their support makes it possible to develop campaigns that reach thousands of Nova Scotians.

Meet your doctors

Family doctor Donald Fay enjoys treating patients with opioid use disorder, not only because it’s professionally challenging, but also because he’s helping to end the stigma of addiction.

A passionate advocate for her patients, Dr. Yvonne Libbus says it’s time to boost mental-health services in Cape Breton.

Recruited and mentored by physicians in the rural area where she grew up, new-to-practice family doctor Karla Armsworthy benefits from a community of support as she cares for her patients.

Share your story

We love collecting your stories and thank-you notes to doctors who put patients first. Join thousands of Nova Scotians and share a story about your doctor and the exceptional care they provide to you and your family.