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Physician Advisory Team

Physician advisors represent Doctors Nova Scotia in the community

Role of physician advisors

Doctors Nova Scotia’s physician advisors help physicians connect with one another, solve practice-based or systemic problems, and build a community of physicians who can mentor and inspire one another.

Advisory activities

Physician advisors visit DNS members, learning about their challenges and working with them to resolve issues in their practices, their communities and the health-care system.

Team members work with doctors to foster productive, solutions-oriented relationships between physicians, DNS and the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the Department of Health and Wellness.

Your physician advisor can help you:

  • Understand Master Agreement or APP contracts*
  • Access DNS member benefits
  • Facilitate local medical staff organizations
  • Navigate credentialing and privileging processes
  • Understand fee structures and file new fee applications
  • Resolve issues with billings, audit and appeal
*For assistance with AFP contract matters, email , compensation manager, academic funding plans, or call 902-481-4906.

Your physician advisors

Kim Oakley, Physician Advisory Team Lead, will be familiar to many physicians from her role in the 2015 contract negotiations. Since then, she has worked to support physicians with questions about the 2015 Master Agreement and to help physicians resolve APP contract issues.

Brent Andrews and Derek Stewart will continue to provide comprehensive EMR support to physicians while adding community outreach to their portfolios.

Jennifer Girard is a former policy analyst at DNS. She has been the project lead on the Physician Manual Modernization Project and had an integral role in the development of the association’s recent physician engagement position paper.

Contact information

Kim Oakley
Physician Advisory Team lead
902-481-4924 (office)

Brent Andrews
Physician advisor (Zone 1 – Western)
902-225-8577 (cell)
1-800-563-3427 (office)

Derek Stewart

Physician advisor (Zones 2 and 3 – Northern and Eastern)
902-565-4568 (cell)
1-800-563-3427 (office)

Jennifer Girard

Physician advisor (Zone 4 – Central)
902-240-6301 (cell)
902-481-4912 (office)