Practice Resources

EMR costs

Before implementing an EMR it’s important to fully understand the costs that will occur.

Cost categories:

  • Physician and staff time
    To learn about EMRs, plan implementation, operate the environment\
  • Office infrastructure
    Cabling, power panels, office furniture
  • Hardware
    Computers, printers
  • Software acquisition
    EMR software license, other software
  • Software maintenance
    Ongoing maintenance fees
  • Networking
    High-speed Internet
  • Technical support
    Responding to technical issues
  • Training
    Physician/staff participation in training programs

Leasing vs. purchasing

Physicians can either lease or purchase the hardware required for an EMR.

Most computers have a useful life cycle of about 36 months. Physicians are advised to work with their accountant to determine the best strategy for their practice. 

Support contracts

When planning an EMR implementation, it’s important to negotiate adequate contracts with service providers. Support companies can offer contracts that define response times for addressing hardware failures and other issues.