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EMR governance

Representatives from Doctors Nova Scotia and the Department of Health and Wellness are working together on EMR governance for the province.

EMR Program Steering Committee

The provincial EMR Program Steering Committee provides overall guidance and direction for EMRs in Nova Scotia.

The committee, which meets monthly, has representation from Doctors Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and the district health authorities.

Doctors Nova Scotia representatives

Dr. Mike Wadden
Dr. Rick Gibson
Kevin Chapman, Director, Partnerships & Finance
Communiity-based specialist -vacant

EMR Program Steering Committee role

  • Responsible for the success of the program including strategy development and alignment with goals of Doctors Nova Scotia, Department of Health and Wellness, and district health authorities
  • Make and/or approve EMR program policy decisions on a timely basis
  • Oversee management of EMR program including resources, risks and issues
  • Align EMRs with Nova Scotia’s electronic health record (EHR) initiatives
  • Oversee services, processes and outcomes of program
  • Gather input into issues and decisions and share committee decisions and rationale

Terms of reference

Download the EMR Program Steering Committee's terms of reference.

IT Steering Committee

Doctors Nova Scotia’s IT Steering Committee (ITSC) deals with strategic EMR issues and helps shape the association’s position on issues.

ITSC members

Dr. Mike Wadden, chair
Dr. Rick Gibson
Dr. Kevork Peltekian
Dr. Scott Mawdsley
Dr. Alex Mitchell
Dr. Chris Gallant
Dr. Calvino Cheng
Dr. Eric Balser
Dr. Heather Johnson
Dr. Mike Silver

ITSC mandate

  • Provide strategic advice, guidance, direction and briefing to the Board of Directors on technology initiatives
  • Explore and make recommendations regarding technology resources that would benefit a physician’s medical practice
  • Undertake surveys, dialogues and outreach programs to ensure the committee understands and is representing the membership’s concerns