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Whether you have negotiated with your program director for a desired elective or rotation, reasoned with fellow residents over call schedules, or compromised with your significant other about who should take out the garbage, you are not a stranger to negotiation skills and methods.

Negotiation is a life skill and everyone improves with experience. Understanding some of the theory behind negotiation will help you gain confidence and skills for future bargaining encounters.

This lesson outlines the steps of negotiation and the importance and method of getting what you want.

There’s discussion on how to determine what is most important to you during negotiations and what you can live without. There is also a review of the negotiation strategy including the stages of preparation, bargaining and settlement.

Key Points

  • Essential negotiation points
  • Preparation, bargaining and settlement
  • Dynamics of successful negotiation
  • Approval of negotiated terms
  • Importance of lawyer review