Practice Resources

Starting up Your Practice


  • Insurance requirements
  • Financial planning
  • Incorporation
  • Legal issues
  • Negotiating skills
 The behind-the-scenes work of setting up a practice will have an immense impact on how your career and life goals are reached. This course will help you to hire qualified people, evaluate current and potential financial resources, and select appropriate personal and professional insurance coverage. It informs you of various tax structures, deductions and credits. There’s information on accounting, the pros and cons of incorporation, the importance of legal representation, and negotiation strategies


Title Last Updated Duration Download
Getting Started as a Professional Jan 2013 20 min.
Financial Planning Jan 2013 30 min.
Personal & Professional Insurance Jan 2013 40 min.
Personal & Professional Accounting Jan 2013 1.5 hrs.
Incorporating a Medical Practice Apr 2012 15 min.
Legal Issues for Physicians Jan 2013 25 min.
Negotiating Jan 2013 30 min.
Starting a Practice Jan 2013 1 hr.