Practice Resources

Physician leadership resources

Numerous resources are available to physicians who wish to develop their leadership skills

In addition to the formal Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP) launched in 2017, physicians may be interested in the following resources to help build their leadership skills.

Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA)

NSHA’s Leadership Learning Resource Centre is a series of websites with educational resources focused on a number of leadership topics, including change management, systems thinking and conflict competence. Each site has resources organized based on level of engagement with the topic and time commitment; a 10 minute, high level overview, or a deep dive with in-depth resources. All of the resources are either free or accessible via NSHA Library Services’ subscriptions.

Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine

The Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine has introduced a program in academic leadership for clinical and basic science faculty, Emerging Leaders in Academic Medicine (ELAM). The program provides an opportunity for faculty with limited leadership experience to become more familiar with the functioning of the medical school and acquire knowledge and skills to take on expanded roles in their academic settings.

Canadian Medical Association (CMA)

Joule, a CMA Company, offers a comprehensive suite of leadership programs and resources including: an annual conference, Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) courses, and an executive credential (CCPE) - all designed to meet the leadership needs of physicians throughout their careers.