Master Agreement

The Master Agreement is the formal funding contract between physicians and the government of Nova Scotia for the majority of physician services. 

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Negotiations 2015

The agreement between physicians and the government expires March 31, 2015. Planning includes creation of a negotiations committee and meetings to seek input from physicians.

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Funding Plan

The work of Clinical/Academic Funding Plan (C/AFP) physicians is governed by the Master C/AFP Contract. 

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New fees/adjustments

Physicians can apply for new fees or fee adjustments to help ensure the MSI Physicians’ Manual, also known as the fee schedule, reflects new and modern health-care delivery.

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payment plans

Alternative payment plans (APPs) are individual or group physician funding agreements for the provision of clinical services. An APP is a funding option for family physicians and some regional specialties. 

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Two gloved hands performing surgery

MSI billing

Physicians are responsible for their billing, even when the role is delegated to support staff. A comprehensive knowledge of insured services and how to bill for them is critical for a successful business. 

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WCB contract

The Workers’ Compensation Board contract is the formal funding agreement between Doctors Nova Scotia and the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia (WCB) for the majority of physician services provided for WCB.
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Non-insured services

Non-insured services are services not covered by MSI. These include clinical services that may not have ever been insured by MSI, as well as those that have been de-insured over time. 

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