Project phases

6 phases expected to take 5 years to complete. 

The Nova Scotia Physician's Manual Modernization Project to improve and modernize the MSI Physician’s Manual is divided into 6 phases and is anticipated to take 5 years to complete.

Phase I

A review of the current MSI Physician’s Manual and supporting documentation, interviews with physicians and manual users, cross country review and a plan (scope and map) with various options for resolving issues. 

This phase is now complete.

Phase II

A standardized clinical terminology will be chosen as the basis for modernizing the current manual. Physicians will be engaged to review the diagnoses and service descriptions they use now and to identify the additional descriptions required to reflect the work they do. Process changes will be defined and a plan developed for the next phase.

This phase is ongoing with an end date of March 2015.

Future phases

The work and timelines of future phases have yet to determined.


Jennifer Girard
Policy advisor
Doctors Nova Scotia