Commenting Terms and Conditions

Commenting Terms and Conditions

 The commenting feature on enables members to offer opinions, in a secure forum, about the material on the website.

Any member can post a comment.

A moderator, who is a Doctors Nova Scotia staff person, will review comments on a regular basis.

To ensure appropriate use of the commenting feature, commenting guidelines have been developed.

Commenting guidelines 

When posting a comment, members are asked to:

  • Refrain from posting material in violation of copyright, trademark or other applicable laws.
  • Refrain from using language that may be offensive.
  • Respect individuals and their professional and personal reputations regarding liability issues.
  • Refrain from posting information that may violate personal privacy.

The Website Content Committee will provide guidance to the moderator on when it’s appropriate for the association to intervene with comments considered in violation of the guidelines. 

Contact moderator

For questions about the commenting feature or to report a comment to be flagged for review, email: