Benefits & Services

Support services

Supports offered to help members in achieving a happy, healthy and productive life

Professional Support Program

Confidential help is offered to physicians, dentists, veterinarians and their families who are experiencing personal or professional problems. Read more »

Physician Navigator Program

The Physician Navigator Program offers guidance and moral support on what to expect throughout an investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia. Read more »

Parental Leave Program

The Parental Leave Program offers two categories of maternity/paternity and adoptive parent benefits to eligible Doctors Nova Scotia members. Read more »

Physician liability premium rebate

Physicians who pay liability premiums in excess of $1,500 are eligible for a rebate. Read more »

Medical Student Bursary Program

Bursaries of up to $5,000 may be awarded to selected medical students through the annual Medical Student Bursary Program. Application forms are available each fall. Read more »

First-year student reception

New medical school students are officially welcomed as members of Doctors Nova Scotia each September during the First-Year Medical Student Reception. Read more »