Benefits & Services

Our services

The Professional Support Program recognizes and responds to the needs of its members to help ensure they continue to be happy, healthy and productive.

The Professional Support Program offers assessments, advice and peer support to determine what services will best meet each client’s needs. The program coordinators provide information on and recommendations for a variety of services, including private psychologists, support groups, courses and programs on physician well-being.

  • Substance use disorders: substance abuse and substance dependence
  • Mental health issues: stress, fatigue, burnout, depression or anxiety
  • Relationship stress: involving co-workers, colleagues or family members
  • Career and life transitions: relationship breakup, retirement stress or changing professional interests
  • Workplace conflict: interpersonal conflict between colleagues
  • Concern for colleagues: observed irregular or distressing behaviour of a physician, resident or medical student
  • Medico-legal issues

The program coordinators can also make referrals to psychiatrists, addiction treatment programs or other medical specialists as required.