Benefits & Services

Professional Support Program

The Professional Support Program provides confidential support to members and their families who are dealing with personal or professional problems.

The Professional Support Program (PSP) offers assistance to those struggling with personal or professional issues, such as anxiety, stress, burnout, family and relationship problems, psychiatric illness and substance use disorders.

The PSP provides a safe, confidential way for members to seek guidance, support and resources.

The program addresses the barriers that may prevent struggling individuals from getting the help they need, such as:
  • Lack of time
  • Stigma
  • Fear of licensure issues or loss of privileges
  • Lack of access to treatment
  • Inability to find or use peers for confidential support and coaching
In addition, the PSP promotes health and wellness initiatives through workshops, online resources and literature specific to physician health and wellness.

The PSP and its counsellors have no affiliation with the licensing and regulatory bodies or related university training programs of the three professions they serve.


All information you provide us, including your personal and health information, and the fact that you have contacted the PSP, is held in confidence.

The PSP is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, accuracy and integrity of your personal and clinical information.  The Program will only collect, use or disclose your information to provide services and support to you, as consented by you, or as required by law.

PSP’s full confidentiality policy