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Life and disability insurance

Doctors Nova Scotia offers life and disability insurance through OMA Insurance


OMA Insurance offers exclusive insurance advice, service and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of physicians and their families. Whatever your insurance need, our non-commissioned team focuses on providing intelligent, relevant and helpful solutions and recommendations for physicians at every stage of their career.

Practising Physician Solutions

Critical illness

Receive a tax-free lump sum benefit of up to $250,000 when you survive a diagnosis of one of 25 illnesses such as heart attack, stroke and cancer. These funds may be used as you see fit and can help you and your family with the additional expenses that accompany a critical illness.Disability InsuranceDisability Insurance is the most simple and cost effective way of providing you with a steady flow of tax-free income during a period of disability. Your OMA DI plan has been designed to keep pace with your needs throughout your career with physician-specific coverages to protect you from the financial impact of sickness or injury with up to $25,000/month of coverage and eligibility for Annual Premium Refunds.
  • Monthly benefit of up to $25,000
  • Choice of Elimination Period
  • Survivor Benefit
  • 70+ DI Coverage option – at age 70, if you are providing at least 25 hours of medical services a week you can extend you disability coverage which allows you to choose a monthly benefit from $500 to a maximum of $10,00. Guaranteed acceptance with no medical evidence required

Life insurance

OMA Insurance offers Life Insurance solutions to suit every stage of your life and career with coverage available from $100,000 to $3,000,000.
  • Flex 10 & Flex 20 Life Insurance - provides uncompromising protection with the flexibility to choose the right term coverage for you and your family, with competitive rates that are locked in and guaranteed not to increase for the option that you select
  • Term Plus Life Insurance - gives you affordable coverage that keeps pace with your lifestyle, increasing by 10% every year up to 10 years with no medical questions asked. Not to mention a very desirable plus: after you turn age 75, you'll continue to receive coverage for life, without having to pay any further premiums

Student Solutions

Student special offer

We know medical school costs are demanding. So you'll appreciate this unique offer featuring discounted Disability rates, plus complimentary Life Insurance. Your Disability benefits will automatically increase as you progress through medical school and residency, from $1,500 during your first year up to $4,000 in your fourth year without any medical evidence or health questions asked.
  • $100,000 of complimentary Life Insurance
  • Up to 75% discount on  Disability Insurance
  • No medical evidence required

Residents Transitioning to Practice Solutions

Essentials offer

Understanding the demands the post-residency period brings, we designed Essentials to give you the ease and flexibility to choose all or a combination of Life, Disability and Professional Overhead Expense insurance.
  • 50% discount on your DI and Professional Overhead Expense insurance Step premiums for your first two years of practice
  • Up to  $5,000 a month Disability Insurance benefit
  • Up  to $1,000,000 of Life insurance
  • Worldwide portability
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • No medical evidence or financial disclosure if you enrol  within 120 days of successfully completing residency
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