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Missed Monthly Payments Policy

The following process takes effect for missed monthly payments of Doctors Nova Scotia membership dues and applies to all membership categories:

  1. First missed payment
    Members are permitted one missed payment without penalty. In this case, members will be notified within five business days of a missed payment and for alternate arrangements to be made to make the payment. The member has two weeks from the date of notification to make the monthly payment. If the member fails to make the payment within the two-week deadline, the process will continue.

  2. Second missed payment
    In the event of a second missed payment, or failure to make payment after notification of the first missed payment, the option for monthly payment through direct bank withdrawals is removed. The member must make monthly payments with a credit card. 
  3. Subsequent missed payments
    Any subsequent missed payments will result in the member being required to pay the remaining balance for annual membership dues. The member will have one month, from notification, to make this payment in full. 
  4. Unpaid membership dues
    If the member chooses not to pay membership dues, or misses the one-month deadline, the member’s name will be reported to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia for non-payment of Doctors Nova Scotia membership dues.
  5. Exceptional circumstances
    Discretion will be used in exceptional circumstances.


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