Position statements

Representing the association’s views on various issues to inform stakeholders, the media and the public. 

Palliative care

Doctors Nova Scotia released 10 recommendations to improve palliative care in Nova Scotia. Read more >

Cannabis legislation

Doctors Nova Scotia encourages the province to take a population health approach to cannabis legalization to minimize the harms associated with cannabis use.  Read more >

Physician engagement

Doctors Nova Scotia makes recommendations for ways that the association and its members, as well as health-system partners, can ensure meaningful physician engagement.  Read more >

Primary care renewal

Doctors Nova Scotia makes 11 recommendations to the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the Department of Health and Wellness to help improve care for Nova Scotians.  Read more >

Electronic cigarettes

In February 2014, Doctors Nova Scotia endorsed Smoke Free Nova Scotia’s position on electronic cigarettes and committed to support the government’s efforts to regulate products. Read more >

Legalizing marijuana

Doctors Nova Scotia’s Policy and Health Issues Committee (PHIC) has been following the issue of legalizing marijuana since changes were proposed in 2015. Read more >

Mandatory influenza immunization for health-care workers

Doctors Nova Scotia is prepared to support mandatory influenza immunization for health-care workers if conditions warrant it. Read more >

Nova Scotia Health Authority

The association has provided the Minister of Health with five recommendations on how it feels the government should handle the physician-centric issues that are resulting from the district health authorities (DHA) merger. Read more >

Restricting billing numbers

Doctors Nova Scotia does not support restricting billing numbers because it is not an effective recruitment and retention tool. Read more >