Lobbying & Legislation

Legislation affects every aspect of the health-care system including how physicians are compensated, how services are provided, and how unhealthy behaviours are restricted. That’s why lobbying and legislation is a top strategic priority for Doctors Nova Scotia. 

Effects of legislation

Doctors Nova Scotia often gives input into legislation before it’s introduced in the House of Assembly. When time permits, members are engaged in the process, association lawyers review the legislation, and the association submits a formal response. Read more >

Audit, appeal and pre-assessment

Auditing physicians’ billings is a required role for government. It’s essential that government and the public have confidence in how taxpayers’ dollars are spent. But that responsibility comes with the need to ensure auditing practices are clear, fair and transparent to all parties involved. Read more >

Opioids strategy

Several initiatives are underway to ensure physicians are engaged in addressing the opioid issue in Nova Scotia. Read more >

Healthy living for Nova Scotians

Physicians are committed to increasing physical activity and healthy eating opportunities for Nova Scotians. Doctors Nova Scotia was consulted throughout the development of Thrive! A Plan for a Healthier Nova Scotia, the province’s strategy to improve the health of children and their families. Read more >

Medical Assistance in Dying

Doctors Nova Scotia worked with its health-system partners to ensure physicians’ voices are represented and that physicians are supported appropriately as MAID is implemented in Nova Scotia. Read more >