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Welcome to Doctors Nova Scotia Kids' Run Club

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About the club

The Kids' Run Club is a free, school-based running program designed to help children and youth lead more active lives. The program is offered across Nova Scotia.
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Two girls running

Girls-only program

In Canada, girls are significantly less active than boys. Doctors Nova Scotia offers a girls-only program to junior and senior high schools.
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Register your school

Schools and community groups can register for the Kids' Run Club at no cost.
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Runner's handbooks

Program resources

What makes this program awesome is that Kids' Run Club includes program supports and incentives for coaches and participants, free of charge.
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Kids' Run Club representatives Kerry Copeland, Bernadette MacLellan and Leah Jabbour

Coach's zone

Doctors Nova Scotia gives coaches the support and resources they need to implement and maintain a successful Kids' Run Club.
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Join the movement

Become a Kids' Run Club coach and give your kids an opportunity to be active and healthy.
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A spoonful of berries

Nutrition for runners

A healthy diet consisting of a variety of foods and beverages from the four food groups of Canada's Food Guide will prepare you for any type of exercise, including running.
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Members of the Kids' Run Club at Kingswood Elementary School


Kids' Run Club is designed to encourage kids to be more active through running. The goal is to teach kids the basics of running, keep it fun and help kids improve their endurance over time.
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The Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run

Fun runs

Participating in a running event at the end of the program is a great way to keep participants motivated during training. Find one in your community.
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KRC Sponsors

The Kids’ Run Club is made possible by the combined support of Nova Scotia’s doctors and the generous support of our sponsors.
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