Health promotion

Doctors Nova Scotia is working to improve the health of Nova Scotians through financial support of health promotion initiatives across the province.

Health promotion strategy

Doctors Nova Scotia’s new 4-year health promotion strategy guides how the association will invest in future health promotion initiatives. Read more »

Health promotion sponsorship

Doctors have committed to getting Nova Scotians healthy though the association’s financial support of prevention programs and initiatives. Doctors Nova Scotia’s health promotion strategy includes support for community initiatives and events throughout the province. Read more »

Energy drinks

Nova Scotia doctors want the provincial government to pass comprehensive legislation banning the sale of high-energy drinks to anyone under 19. Read more »

Physical activity

Being active and reducing sedentary behaviour can have positive short and long-term benefits for your health, such as better sleep, lower stress and a reduced chance of developing chronic disease. Getting Nova Scotians active has been a priority for doctors for the past 10 years.  Read more »

Helmet safety

To reduce the chance of experiencing a head injury, helmets should be worn when participating in a variety of sports. Read more »

Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation has been a long-standing priority for Nova Scotia’s doctors. The province has one of country’s highest rates of smoking at 18 per cent, 2 per cent above the national average.
Over the past several decades, doctors have been lobbying for a variety of tobacco restrictions while providing support and information to patients who want to quit smoking. Read more »

Strive Award

The Strive Award is given annually to a Nova Scotia community group making innovative and strategic action to support and promote health. Read more »

Kids’ Run Club

The Kids’ Run Club is a free school-based running program offered to schools across Nova Scotia. Now in its 10th year, more than 17,500 young runners from nearly 260 schools and groups across the province took part in the program. Read more »