Physician recognition

Every day in communities across Nova Scotia, doctors make a positive difference in the lives of their patients.


Nova Scotia’s doctors put patients first

Doctors’ Day is May 1. It’s a day dedicated to appreciating Nova Scotia’s doctors and the important work they do to improve the lives of all Nova Scotians.

Every day in Nova Scotia, physicians provide more than 28,000 services to patients. Whether in a community clinic, emergency room, long-term care facility, operating room, research lab or in your patients’ own homes, you provide high-quality patient care when and where patients need it most.

For Nova Scotia’s doctors, health care is about more than just treating patients. It’s about the unique relationship shared between a patient and their doctor. In fact, many physicians say the most important ingredient in patient care is the trusting relationship they share with their patients.

On May 1, we say “Thank You!” to Nova Scotia’s doctors for putting patients first.

Join us in sharing our gratitude for Nova Scotia’s dedicated physicians.


Recognizing excellence in patient care

Dr. Geoff S. Williams, a gastroenterologist in Halifax, is the recipient of the 2017 Doctors Nova Scotia Patient’s Choice Award.

As the only physician in Nova Scotia who performs endoscopic ultrasound (a technique used to biopsy tumours along the gastrointestinal tract), he sees many patients in the province who have pancreatic cancer. Dr. Williams also has a large practice dedicated to the management of common GI problems, including diagnosis and prevention of colon cancer, management of Crohn’s and Colitis, hepatobiliary diseases (liver, gallbladder, bile ducts or bile) and other GI disorders.

About the award

Doctors Nova Scotia created the Patient’s Choice Award in 2016 to give patients in the province an opportunity to celebrate their physicians. The award recognizes physicians who routinely go the extra mile in providing patient care, who have forged meaningful relationships with their patients and contribute to the well-being of their community, and who have made significant contributions to the medical profession through research, advocacy and education.

The chosen physician receives a plaque and $5,000 to donate to a community charity of their choice.

Past Award winners

The winner of the inaugural Doctors Nova Scotia Patient’s Choice Award is Dr. Mohan Virick, a family physician from Sydney, N.S., who has dedicated his five-decade career to improving the lives of his patients, most of whom belong to the Mi’kmaq community.