Physician recognition

Every day in communities across Nova Scotia, doctors make a positive difference in the lives of their patients.

Meet Nova Scotia’s doctors

Dr-Fred-BurgeNova Scotia is home to a talented and progressive group of medical professionals who perform leading-edge research, provide outstanding care and develop innovative programs to improve the health of community members in all corners of the province.

Beyond providing exceptional patient care, Nova Scotia physicians are leaders in health system change. Physicians have a unique understanding of health care and play a leading role in advocating for the best care for their patients.

Meet some of Nova Scotia’s doctors and learn about the good work they’re doing in communities across Nova Scotia.


Doctors’ Day

Doctors’ Day is May 1. It’s a day dedicated to appreciating Nova Scotia’s doctors and the important work they do to improve the lives of all Nova Scotians.
Nova Scotia’s physicians are some of the best in Canada and work tirelessly to improve the health of patients across of the province. In addition to delivering care, Nova Scotia’s doctors are leading health-care transformation to improve care in this province and to ensure the system is evolving to meet the current and future needs of all users, doctors and patients alike.

From primary care to specialist care, your doctors are committed to helping you live a long and healthy life.

Each day, Nova Scotia’s physicians perform more than 28,000 services to patients. On May 1, we say “Thanks, doc!”

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Recognizing excellence in patient care

Does your physician regularly go above and beyond the call of duty?

The Patient’s Choice Award recognizes physicians who embody qualities that make them an outstanding physician – qualities such as compassion, thoroughness, good listening skills and humility.

These physicians have the capacity to go the extra mile and provide a broad perspective to patient care. They forge meaningful relationships with their patients and make significant contributions to the health and well-being of their community.

The award also recognizes physicians who make significant contributions to medical research and demonstrate leadership in the areas of advocacy, community service and/or medical education.

The chosen physician receives a plaque and $5,000 to donate to a community charity of their choice.

How to nominate your physician

Nominations for the 2017 Patient’s Choice Award are now closed. The award winner will be announced in May. The award will be presented to the chosen physician at Doctors Nova Scotia’s annual conference in June. Nominators (patients) may be contacted for photo opportunities or to be quoted in promotional materials or media requests.  

Nominations for the 2018 Patient’s Choice Award will open in the fall of 2017.

Past Award winners

The winner of the inaugural Doctors Nova Scotia Patient’s Choice Award is Dr. Mohan Virick, a family physician from Sydney, N.S., who has dedicated his five-decade career to improving the lives of his patients, most of whom belong to the Mi’kmaq community.