Current Initiatives


Proposed federal tax changes

The proposed changes could have a significant negative impact on physicians by removing some of the tax saving and tax deferral benefits currently available to incorporated physicians. Read more

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New AFP model

Work is underway to manage academic funding plans (AFPs) differently in Nova Scotia later this year. The new model is expected to clarify the expectations of all parties, offer more comprehensive comparative compensation data, streamline negotiations, and be more transparent.
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WCB negotiations

Doctors Nova Scotia is in negotiations with the WCB to re-negotiate its contract. The contract was originally set to expire Dec. 31, 2012 and has been indefinitely extended as long as the two parties are in active negotiations. The negotiations are directed by a physician committee. Read more

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Audit, appeal and pre-assessment

Doctors Nova Scotia is calling on the government to bring more clarity to the billing rules, auditing practices, and physicians’ rights and abilities.Read more

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Master Agreement negotiations 2015

Equipping the association for a successful negotiations will include extensive outreach to physicians, a detailed analysis of physician compensation across Canada, and health-care stakeholder consultations. Read more

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Personal Health Information Act

Doctors Nova Scotia has created a support team, along with guides and templates, to help physicians comply with the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) and regulations. Read more

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New fees/adjustments

Another 27 applications were submitted to the Fee Schedule Advisory Committee at the last deadline of March 31. This brings the total number of application now under review to just over 100. The committee meets monthly to review applications and make recommendations. Read more

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Physician recognition

The ‘Your Doctors. Your Stories.’ campaign showcases the many talented physicians in Nova Scotia. It encourages Nova Scotians to share their experiences and talk about the positive impact physicians have had on their lives.Read more


Physician's Manual Project

A five-year project to improve and modernize the Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance (MSI) Physician’s Manual and processes associated with it is underway.  Read more