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Membership categories

Doctors Nova Scotia serves physicians, residents (including fellows), and medical students. Membership benefits include extended health and dental coverage, practice support, and a parental leave program.

Full members

Full members live in Nova Scotia, and are licensed with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia to practice medicine in the province. They have full voting rights and are eligible to apply for all benefits the association offers.
Membership dues: $1,650
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Special consideration

Special consideration can be given to full members who are not actively practising medicine due to parental, study, occupational or medical leave, or disciplinary action. With the exception of those under disciplinary action, members with special consideration may hold office, serve on committees, apply for benefits offered by the association and vote.
Membership dues: $500

Senior/honourary membership

Senior/honourary membership includes members who have been awarded senior and/or honourary membership by the Board of Directors. They enjoy all the rights and privileges of the association.
Membership dues: Complimentary

Retired members

Retired members are former full members who are no longer in active practice and no longer licensed to practice medicine in Nova Scotia. They have full voting rights and privileges.
Membership dues: $250


Residents/fellows are postgraduate physicians in training. They can be appointed to committees of the association and may be entitled to vote in referendums at the discretion of the Board of Directors
Membership dues: Paid by Maritime Resident Doctors
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Student members

Student members are those enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University, and Nova Scotians who are medical students at Universit√© de Sherbrooke in Quebec. They can be appointed to committees of the association and may be entitled to vote in referendums at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 
Membership dues: Paid by DMSS.
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Non-resident members

A non-resident member who resides outside of Nova Scotia, and either cancels his/her licence or changes it to a non-resident licence, can continue membership as a non-resident member. They are not entitled to hold office or vote, but still have access to life and disability insurance through the OMA, and have access to members-only areas of doctorsNS.com
Membership dues: $500


Catherine Carnegy

Member benefits advisor
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