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Practising in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia offers its practising physicians a variety of funding models as well as teaching and research opportunities.

Why practise in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia has several universities, beautiful scenery, outdoor leisure opportunities, and unique medical opportunities.
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How to become a Nova Scotia doctor

There are many steps to beginning a practice in a new province. Nova Scotia has several resources to aid in the process.
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Membership criteria and benefits

The association provides a robust health and dental plan for members. It also offers a Parental Leave Program and a Professional Support Program.
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Join Doctors Nova Scotia

The association provides a variety of membership categories to meet the needs of its diverse membership.
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International medical graduates

Obtaining a licence to practice medicine in Canada can be a challenging process for doctors trained outside of Canada. Several organizations are dedicated to helping international medical graduates through the process.
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Becoming a doctor

Nova Scotia needs more doctors. If you’re considering a career in medicine there are a few things you should know about preparing for university, using your time wisely, and applying for medical school.
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Physician resource planning

Every Nova Scotian deserves a family doctor and access to specialty services when they need them. The province’s Physician Resource Plan highlights Nova Scotia’s greatest needs.
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Starting up your practice

Doctors Nova Scotia’s Business of Medicine program offers an online course on starting up a practice. It’s geared for residents and new physicians. There are lessons on incorporation, starting a practice on the right foot, and financial planning.
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