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Physicians disappointed right to arbitrate taken away

Dec. 15, 2015

Dartmouth, N.S. - Legislation tabled yesterday by government, which mandates public sector contracts and takes away physicians’ ability to arbitrate their compensation worries the province’s doctors.

“We are deeply disappointed that physicians’ right to arbitrate is removed, but at the same time, we’re pleased government has left the door open for negotiations to continue,” says Dr. David Milne, President of Doctors Nova Scotia.

“While we continue to believe that the negotiations process provides the greatest opportunity to find long term solutions for our health-care system needs, I don’t want to minimize the importance of the arbitration option.  We see this as a significant loss and an unnecessary and heavy-handed government tactic.”

Doctors will continue to negotiate in good faith and look for real opportunities where new investments can be made that recognize physicians for the important role they play in the health-care system, while improving the way in which care is delivered.

“These important conversations must continue at the negotiations table so that together we can focus on creative ways in which our compensation contracts can advance health-care delivery and patient care in our province,” says Dr. Milne.

Physicians have been negotiating with government since late in the spring in a collaborative manner and progress has been made. “We’ve been at the negotiations table as recently as this week and last week and that is where we’ll continue to work to improve patient care,” says Dr. Milne.

Barbara Johnson, Doctors Nova Scotia

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