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Physician recruitment and retention


While it may be true that Nova Scotia has a high number of doctors we have people who don’t have a family doctor.

A Toxic Soup of Painkillers - Thoughts on the Opioid Epidemic


The opioid epidemic that is gripping North America is an emerging issue for Nova Scotians and for our health-care system.

Nova Scotians deserve access to a family physician now - not five years from now


As a family physician in a collaborative practice, I know first-hand the benefits of team-based care and the value of having nurse practitioners and family practice nurses in community clinics. My patients benefit from this type of collaboration every single day.

Two Deaths; they couldn't be more similar, they couldn't be more different


There has been extensive debate in Canada these past two years about physician assisted-death. This debate is important, timely and controversial.

How to talk to your doctor about unnecessary tests & treatments


Choosing Wisely Canada is all about better treatment, better access and better care.

A Decade of Change For Seniors in Long-Term Care Facilities in Nova Scotia


Dr. Barry Clarke and his team have engineered a major change in the way that family physicians provide primary care to seniors in nursing homes in the Halifax area.

Levelling up; what medical students really need to know to succeed


Each May, the graduating class of Dalhousie Medical School awards one of their professors the Silver Shovel Award. It’s an honour that recognizes teaching excellence, rewarding a professor’s dedication, compassion and commitment to helping their students succeed. Dr. Brock Vair has won the Silver Shovel three times, taking home the award in 1997, 2011 and 2013.

In Nova Scotia physicians & communities work together for better health care


When it comes to physician recruitment and retention, the municipality of Clare, on Nova Scotia’s Acadian shore, has a recipe for success.

Why your doctors donated $178K to enhance communities just like yours


When you are sick you go to the doctor. Your doctor listens to your concerns, examines your symptoms and recommends a treatment. That’s how your doctor cares for you.

Mentoring next generation of physicians; leading recruitment in rural Nova Scotia


Dr. Kenny Yee’s career has not gone how he originally intended, but he says in the end he wouldn’t change a thing.

Dr. Manohar Bance makes impressive gains in diagnosing and treating hearing problems


“I have always been a team builder,” says Dr. Manohar Bance. “Brainstorming, developing ideas and bringing people together to discuss them, is an enjoyable and natural impulse for me.”

Collaboration & consistency are keys to better prescribing practices


Dr. Rhea MacDonald, a family physician in Inverness, Cape Breton was uncomfortable with her own opioid prescribing practices and felt she had to make some changes to deliver better care and to prescribe more responsibly.

You are a physician; therefore you are a leader


Dr. Cindy Forbes has always been drawn to work that results in positive change.

Dr. Elwood MacMullin; a man on a mission


The responsibility to help the underprivileged isn’t something Dr. Elwood MacMullin, a general surgeon in Sydney, N.S., takes lightly.

The ugly truth about indoor tanning


A tan is harmful to your health. Whether you get your golden glow from a tanning bed or the natural sun, tans are the result of exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation which damages your health over time.

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