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Doctors warn against drinking and driving

Wed December 19, 2012

Dear editor:

With holiday celebrations making their way in to your calendar, doctors ask that you plan ahead for a sober way home. 

Drinking and driving is not only dangerous to yourself, but also those around you. Emergency rooms see the impacts of drinking and driving every holiday season. Alcohol related collisions are preventable tragedies any time of the year. 

Being responsible is about being prepared. Having a designated driver established before you leave your house is the best way to prevent drinking and driving. If you’re hosting a holiday party your duties as an entertainer go beyond preparing delicious treats and playing festive music. Celebrations often include alcohol consumption and it’s important to advocate against drinking and driving.

There are always options to getting home safe and drinking and driving isn’t one of them. Take a taxi, use public transit or designate a driver. 

Doctors urge you to plan ahead for a safe and reliable ride home. Don’t forget to drive the speed limit, buckle up, designate a sober driver, or take a cab this holiday season. Make your celebrations joyous, healthy and most of all safe. 


John Finley, MDCM, FRCPC