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Regional representatives

Considerations when appointing regional representatives are underrepresented geographic areas and balance regarding specialty, career stages, and gender.

The Board of Directors is the directing and governing body that works on behalf of Doctors Nova Scotia between annual meetings. 

The Board is composed of:

  • President
  • Past-President (Board chair)
  • President-elect
  • 10 elected members
    (2 GPs from inside HRM, 3 specialists from inside HRM, 3 GPs from outside HRM and 2 specialists from outside HRM)
  • 3 regional representatives
  • Nova Scotia‚Äôs representative on the CMA board of directors (ex-officio)
  • Section Forum chair
  • 1 Maritime Resident Doctors (resident) representative
  • 1 DMSS (student) representative

Regional representation

Through the process of selecting and appointing committee members, the Nominating Committee accepts expressions of interest for the three regional representative positions.

Regional representatives are appointed for a 1-year term, and can be appointed for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.

Each year following the annual Board elections, the Nominating Committee nominates candidates for the 3 regional representative positions. These nominations are then recommended to the Board of Directors for approval.

Elections for the 10 elected positions are held during the February to April time frame each year.


Being a member of Doctors Nova Scotia and having an interest in serving on the Board of Directors is the only criteria. Participation on other boards or committees is an asset, but not a requirement.

The Nominating Committee will take into consideration the geographic areas that are underrepresented on the Board, and will also strive for balance in areas such as specialty, career stage, and gender.

Time commitment

The Board meets 5 times per year on Fridays at the Doctors Nova Scotia offices.

The meeting packages are sent to Board members a week in advance. The time required to review the meeting package prior to each meeting is estimated at 2-3 hours.

Expression of interest

Doctors Nova Scotia members interested in serving on the Board of Directors as a regional representative can submit an Expression of Interest form. The deadline to submit an Expression of Interest for the 2018-19 regional representative seats has now closed.

Note:  Expressions of Interest will be kept for two years.  After two years members will have to re-submit.