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Committees and boards

A compilation of terms of reference for all committees and boards, as well as information about the time commitment, criteria, current membership, terms, and current/upcoming vacancies.

New process for selections, appointments

A new process for selecting and appointing members to boards and committees has been adopted by Doctors Nova Scotia’s Board of Directors. The process engages the entire membership by providing an opportunity for those interested to submit an expression of interest for vacancies.  

Boards and committees

A terms of reference for all committees as well as information about the time commitment, criteria, current membership, terms, and vacancies is listed for each of the following:

Doctors Nova Scotia Board of Directors
 Representative details
Current/upcoming vacancies
Regional representative
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Doctors Nova Scotia standing committees
 Committee details
Audit Committee
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Board of Trustees
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Governance Committee
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IT Steering Committee
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Policy & Health Issues Committee
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Joint committees with the
Department of Health and Wellness
 Committee details
Current/upcoming vacancies
Fee Committee
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Master Agreement Management Group
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Medical Advisory Group
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Canadian Medical Association
board and committees
 Committee details
Current/upcoming vacancies
CMA board of directors
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CMA General Council View details

Expression of interest

Members can submit an Expression of Interest form that identifies the board(s) and/or committee(s) for which they want to be considered.

Members may select one, more than one, or all board and committees.

Members are asked to briefly explain why their interested in serving, and to provide additional information or experience that could be considered in the selection process.

Note:  Expressions of Interest will be kept for two years.  After two years members will have to re-submit.

Communicating vacancies

A list of current and upcoming vacancies will be maintained. Vacancies will also be communicated through doctorsNS and in the Doctors Nova Scotia e-newsletter. 

Selection process

Upon submission, expressions of interest are added to a database. When a vacancy arises, Doctors Nova Scotia staff search the database for all members who indicated an interest in being considered for a specific committee or who have an interest in being considered for all committees.

The committee with the vacancy will review the expressions of interest and recommend at least one candidate to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval. In the case of selecting regional representatives for the Board of Directors, the association’s Nominating Committee will review the applications and make the recommendation.

Notification of consideration

Any member whose expression of interest is considered for a committee vacancy will be notified by email. All applicants under consideration will be notified once a selection has been made and approved by the Board of Directors.

For more information about the process for selecting and appointing board and committee members, contact:

Sonia Abi-Ajab
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4900