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President-Elect nominations are open until March 3.


Nominations are open until March 3.

Nomination process
Any eligible Doctors Nova Scotia member may be nominated. All nominations must be made by a nomination form.

Nomination deadline

March 3 is the deadline for President-Elect nominations for the 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Nomination schedule

Jan 26
Nomination packages sent to all members and posted online
March 3
Nomination deadline
Nominating Committee reviews nominations and selects preferred candidate
March 24Nominating Committee recommends candidate during the March meeting of the Board of Directors
June 3
New President-Elect approved at Annual General Meeting

Selection criteria

The Nominating Committee will use the following criteria to select a candidate for President-Elect:

  • Be a member in good standing
  • Have been a member for at least five years
  • Have experience in leadership roles
  • Be recognized as a leader by their peers
  • Have good communications skills
  • Have nomination supported by two Doctors Nova Scotia members
Considered an asset:
  • Experience on Doctors Nova Scotia Board of Directors
  • Other governance experience
  • Formal leadership development or training

Candidate selection

If the Nominating Committee has more than one strong candidate, it may choose to consider other determinants such as geographic region, specialty or gender. Diversity can be a consideration if the committee feels it’s necessary.


Charmaine Smith
Director, Corporate Services