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Board of Directors


Board of Directors: 2016-17
From back, left to right: Drs. Mike Wadden and David Milne; Drs. Heather Johnson and Minoli Amit; Dr. Manoj Vohra (President-Elect), Nancy MacCready-Williams (CEO) and Dr. Kathy Gallagher; Drs. John Ginn, John Murdoch, Robyn MacQuarrie, Michelle Dow (President), Norah Mogan, Alex Mitchell and medical student Matthew Lowe

Missing from photo: Drs. Alfred Bent, André Bernard (Chair), Monika Dutt, Todd Howlett, Tim Holland, Scott Mawdsley, Celina White

Strategic direction

Doctors Nova Scotia is governed by its Board of Directors, a group of physicians which provides the association with its overall strategic direction.

General practitioners/specialists

The Board is a diverse representation of general practitioners and specialists practicing throughout the province. The majority of members are elected by the membership. Three members are appointed annually to help ensure optimal geographical representation. 

The Board also includes the Section Forum chair, who is Nova Scotia’s representative on the CMA Board of Directors, and representatives of residents and medical students.