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Friday education sessions

Friday's sessions featured a thought leaders panel.

Friday’s CME-accredited education sessions included a presentation from Dr. André Bernard and a panel discussion featuring five Nova Scotian physicians. Attendees received a solid grounding in the concepts and ideas discussed further during Saturday’s sessions. 

Medical Professionalism: Where are we and how did we get here?

Dr. André Bernard, Doctors Nova Scotia Board Chair, presented an introduction to the evidence and context for the current situation of medical professionalism in Canada. Dr. Bernard discussed the trend toward transparency and accountability, which has resulted in greater oversight of the profession. 

Thought-leaders panel

On Friday, June 2, Nova Scotia physicians Drs. Forbes, Gross, Petrie, Lees and Thomson lead a panel discussion. The five physicians brought different perspectives on the topic of medical professionalism – from system issues to physician interpersonal issues.

  • Dr. Cindy Forbes is a family physician in Fall River, N.S., and Past-President of both DNS and the CMA.
  • Dr. Mike Gross is a full-time professor of orthopedic surgery at Dalhousie University, and regular contributor to the “Views” section of doctorsNS magazine. 
  • Dr. David Petrie is an emergency physician and trauma team leader at the QEII. He is also the head of Dalhousie University’s Department of Emergency Medicine.
  • Dr. Caitlin Lees is an internal medicine resident and Vice President of the board of Maritime Resident Doctors.
  • Dr. Carolyn Thomson is a family physician and co-coordinator of the association’s Professional Support Program.

Live graphic recorder

The panel discussion was attended by a graphic recorder, who will captured ideas, reflections and content in the form of a memorable graphic mural.

*Note: CME credits

The full conference was accredited by Dalhousie University CPD for eight hours of CME credits.

Full conference agenda