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Doctors Nova Scotia awards

Five awards designed to recognize achievement. 

Distinguished Service Award

This award is given to a physician who has made an outstanding contribution to the medical profession and to the people of Nova Scotia resulting in raising the standards of medical practice, or an outstanding contribution to the art and science of medicine. The Distinguished Service Award shall represent the highest award that lies within the power of the association to bestow upon a person who is a member of the medical profession.

Rural Physician of the Year

This award is bestowed upon a rural physician who has made an outstanding contribution to the health of individuals, to various community groups and/or to non-profit organizations in rural communities of Nova Scotia.

Physician Health Promotion Award

This award is given to a physician who has made an outstanding contribution to health promotion, safety and preventative care among Nova Scotians.

Dr. William Grigor Award

This award is given to a physician under the age of 50 who has made an outstanding contribution benefiting the health of Nova Scotians.

Dr. William Grigor, the first president of the association, helped establish the Halifax Dispensary and played a major role in convincing authorities to build a public hospital. He also served as a coroner for Halifax County, an examiner for those seeking registration in the medical profession and was Surgeon General of Militia in Nova Scotia.

Doctors Nova Scotia Senior Membership

The honour of Senior Membership serves as official recognition of the great respect and high regard these physicians have earned in the medical community of the province.

Any member of the association in good standing for the immediately preceding 10-year period and who has attained the age of 65 years is eligible for Senior Membership. Nominations may be made by any full member or by any branch of the association. Senior membership may only be bestowed by unanimous approval of the members of the Board of Directors present and voting. No more than two members may be elected in any year.

Senior members will enjoy all the rights and privileges of Doctors Nova Scotia membership. Doctors Nova Scotia covers the cost of dues for the member in the association. Senior membership will be honoured by the President of the association at the annual conference.