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2017 AGM motions

Five motions approved at the annual general meeting


Dr. Tim Holland was approved as the 2017–18 President-Elect. 


Blended payment model to support primary care renewal

This motion addresses the need for a flexible payment model to ensure the success of primary care delivery models. Motion

Divest fossil fuel investments

DNS will develop and implement a plan to divest holdings in fossil fuel investments through a phased and responsible transition over the next two years. Motion

Medical History Society funding

DNS continue funding the Medical History Society of Nova Scotia with a grant of $8,500 per year. Motion

Member dues 

The non-resident membership category will not increase until it meets the senior membership category and a new category will be added for returning residents and fellows. Motion

Implementation of motions

If a motion to change the bylaws is approved at the AGM, the change is effective immediately. All other resolutions approved at the AGM will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in the year following the AGM. It is the responsibility of the Board to identify implications and determine the association’s ability to carry out the motion.

Members’ forum

Due to a shortage of time and the fact that no members had questions for the forum, the session was cancelled. 


For full details of the Members' Forum download the forum guidelines.


Charmaine Smith
Director, Corporate Services